Thursday, November 13, 2014


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Photos by Alex Salcedo
SHOES & BRALETTE | Forever 21
BRACELET | *Courtesy of  Love Tatum

What can I say? It's Friday Eve (as I like to call it), I get to see Alex tomorrow, and I am about to shower and snuggle up and catch up on some Sons of Anarchy (thanks, Leslie!). I am still on season six so NO SPOILERS! I wanted to save this post for the weekend, but I felt like I had that weirdly urgent sense to write to you, whoever you may be reading this (thank you!). And also because I kinda liked this "not giving a f*ck" outfit. I've been meaning to buy this exact basic top all three times I had gone to H&M before this final time, and I finally caved in because NEWSFLASH, it's still like 80 degrees in this state. I feel as if I can't even walk into a damn Target or dollar store without going a little nuts with the Christmas music on repeat. And let's not talk about the decorations- they've been there since BEFORE Halloween. Like, really. 
While getting dressed, I knew that I had to wear at least one piece of jewelry, so here we are with another gorg piece from my new designer friend babe, Tatum from Love Tatum! I have the tiniest wrists in the entire world, so this was the perfect accessory because you can twist it in a way that both ends are on top of the other (weirdly explained, so just look at the pictures). It reminds me of my wedding and how I had to custom make my bracelets because nothing on Earth fit me the way I wanted it to. What do you think of it's "dalmation" design? So different, I love it. 
I hope you babes have a lovely weekend! xx
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