Monday, October 26, 2015


Monday, October 26, 2015

Call it my “Golden Birthday”, or my “Champagne Birthday” (wish I WAS kidding about that one!), or simply, “My Birthday”, but I think that just like any other day, this 27th birthday of mine simply came by TOO fast. I had thought about making this a very personal post, but that would take too much time that I clearly do not have (as previously mentioned in about 348749240 of my latest posts), so I will make it short. And maybe sweet.


1. The times I now think about getting closer to 30, still sort of freak me the f**k out, but I am now adjusting to a more open mindset in which I picture the 30s as the new 20s (many thanks to the people over at Vogue). 
2. I am still not ready for a kid, much less the 4 I had planned on since I was basically a babe myself. Don’t ask me where THAT arose from. 
3. I am still selfish, flawed, NOT Adriana Lima (though it might become my birthday wish tonight!), and definitely as stubborn as ever, but I am trying to be more expressive. It’s SO HARD. 
4. I am ecstatic that I have a career that I enjoy getting up for in the mornings (you guys know that unless it’s Disneyland, I am so not a morning person). Oh, and that Daylight Savings Ends this Sunday (YAY).
5. You don’t need a billion people to be your friend, I can count mine with probably one hand. Two if I like them that week. 
6. At the same time, I am trying to not cancel so much on social plans, despite how tired I am or how much I really don’t like that restaurant they picked out. 
7. When I am upset, I usually keep it to myself (key word: USUALLY), and it comes out at the wrong time. Sometimes. Other times it really IS the other person’s fault. 
8. I would have said stopped dyeing my hair so much, but that has decreased (the hair gods still look upon me because I have more hair than ever). 
9. CALL YOUR PARENTS. EVEN IF THEY HATE YOU AT THE MOMENT (looking at myself on this one- yes, through a mirror). 
10. Keep being nice to everyone around you and don’t misjudge others because I’ve been known to get “along” with backstabbers here and there- NOT a nice outcome.
11. Try to channel my creativeness into other things (heads up to my Pinterest account, as 100 new boards will be created soon). 
12. Get healthier.
13. Volunteering is the only way you will ever be completely fulfilled. 
14. Go to as many concerts as you can. In my case, I will make my way back to Britney,   somehow, someway.
15. Travel more. Travel often.

Oh hey look, I did get more personal and made this so much longer than it needed to be. If you read this far, let me know. 
Cheers to another 365 days of screw ups, mistakes, and total f*ck ups. It’s officially official (insert girl with hand up emoji here). xx

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Sunday, October 25, 2015


Sunday, October 25, 2015
Photos by Henry Young

I have come to the realization (I swear, I must have already started so many posts with this exact phrase) that I have only the time (or even patience) to upload just one outfit a week, which is HORRIBLE. I used to write almost three or four times per week, but then again, I was only in school or I used up some work time to edit (insert purple devil emoji here). Regardless, here is another look, solely based around the fact that this top is a tunic, and although I am tiny, I wasn't THAT short when I thought I could possibly wear it as a dress, so I forcefully wore a pair of faux leather shorts from Forever 21, which I can't get enough of and I sort of keep rubbing in your face time to time again. And the heels? They're really something else. They were actually ordered from my job, and I am perfectly and irresistibly in love (the melodrama begins!) with them. Now, someone invite me to a very prom-y, formal event so I can prance in them once more.  (I had to include a last typical silly shot, since I always look like such a bitch in my photos- THERE, I SAID IT! I admit it, soooo THANKS MOM AND DAD!)

Let's not forget (and why would you? KIDDING!) that my birthday is on Tuesday, and to keep the party goin', we have decided to hit up Napa this weekend. Any recommendations? I'd sure love some! 

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Monday, October 19, 2015


Monday, October 19, 2015

Photos by Alex Salcedo

Let me start off by saying that this weekend was THE weekend. Like the one I will remember endlessly, unforgettably, for the rest of my life. In May, I had gone ahead and finally purchased the tickets of a lifetime- my almost 17-year-old dream was about to come true- I purchased tickets for Britney Spears' Piece of Me show at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. I swore the day was going to take forever to get here, but it came and it went, and it was all sorts of magical (imagine getting to see someone you have been listening to since you were 10?! Exactly). We packed up and headed to Vegas Friday after work, dropped of Zoey at her "pet hotel" (ha!), completely cheated and gave into my cravings for Wendy's, and we were off. We ended up in Primm, Nevada, stayed at some random resort LITERALLY feet away from the state line, and jetted off to sleep, for in less than 24 hours I was about to live my life-long dream. (PLEASE IMAGINE ME LAUGHING AT MYSELF WHILE I TYPE ALL OF THIS BECAUSE EVEN THOUGH I SOUND SO DRAMATIC, IT IS SOO TRUE!). Anyway, the next morning, we got up, ate, when to the mall next door, then drove 30 minutes to Vegas, where we totally scored at Savers, I tried my first chai latte from Starbucks, and gambled away at the Hard Rock Hotel while we waited for our room to be ready. Hours passed, we checked in, and got ready. Let's just say that the rest of the night was beyond EPIC, I saw Britney close-by, I teared up, and just like that, it was over. Unreal. I have to go back. And get closer. Afterwards, we stayed at Planet Hollywood and gambled some more while I drank some cool (pun intended) water, since the show left me with a dry throat. It rained the next day off and on, but it didn't ruin my plans of finally stopping around random places and taking photos of this insane pair of headphones, courtesy of Skullcandy. This pair is actually made for women, and their line comes in a variety of designs, along with a chic pouch and comfortable ear pads with one of the clearest, "natural sounding vocals and and custom-tuned acoustics". Not bad for a brand that started off as one for "just the guys".

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Tuesday, October 06, 2015


Tuesday, October 06, 2015
 Photos by Henry Young

It's been a good one. Week, I mean. I feel like I've been getting positive signs from everywhere and anyone- that or I am just really not looking at life from such a negative perspective (TOTAL Debbie Downer here!). Whatever it may be, here's to hoping the good vibes continue. 
Now, I'd like to say that what I just said above swiftly transfers to this outfit quite perfectly, and it might for people who wear black and are completely happy day-to-day, but we all know that black isn't my thing- everyday anyway. Topshop (and my friend Alex!) really know how to style a gal. Good thing now is that my hair doesn't really look like this anymore. Oh come on. Did you really think I wouldn't go back to the dark side? You should know by now that I get really bored very easily.

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SHOES: *Courtesy of Banana Republic

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