Sunday, October 25, 2015


Sunday, October 25, 2015
Photos by Henry Young

I have come to the realization (I swear, I must have already started so many posts with this exact phrase) that I have only the time (or even patience) to upload just one outfit a week, which is HORRIBLE. I used to write almost three or four times per week, but then again, I was only in school or I used up some work time to edit (insert purple devil emoji here). Regardless, here is another look, solely based around the fact that this top is a tunic, and although I am tiny, I wasn't THAT short when I thought I could possibly wear it as a dress, so I forcefully wore a pair of faux leather shorts from Forever 21, which I can't get enough of and I sort of keep rubbing in your face time to time again. And the heels? They're really something else. They were actually ordered from my job, and I am perfectly and irresistibly in love (the melodrama begins!) with them. Now, someone invite me to a very prom-y, formal event so I can prance in them once more.  (I had to include a last typical silly shot, since I always look like such a bitch in my photos- THERE, I SAID IT! I admit it, soooo THANKS MOM AND DAD!)

Let's not forget (and why would you? KIDDING!) that my birthday is on Tuesday, and to keep the party goin', we have decided to hit up Napa this weekend. Any recommendations? I'd sure love some! 

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