Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Photos by Alex Salcedo
DRESS | Nasty Gal
SHOES | Aldo

BLAZER | Topman
JEANS | Bullhead (PacSun)
SHOES | Hugo Boss
TIE | Forever 21 Men

Whether you're hitting up your extended family's place for a reunion, or simply having a nice get together with your co-workers for the holidays, Alex and I came up with a few looks that will surely get you the "best dressed couple" award this season. This month has been and is still eventful for other reasons other than Christmas; Alex just graduated from his university, his birthday is also the 30th, and of course, there's the NYE celebrations. Whatever occasion you might have, surely we have a look just for you and your guy! Stay tuned for more looks in future posts!
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Saturday, December 13, 2014


Photos by Alex Salcedo
DRESS | Nordstrom
SHOES | Chiara Ferragni Collection 

There are no right ways to begin this post, but there are plenty of ways to let you all know exactly how I've been feeling lately- and lately, I've been feeling a lot of different things. I am a huge creative soul, and I have so many ideas on how I should express myself, so why not with tons of glitter and stickers? Though it is the holiday season, at times I feel non-festive, too, but this post obviously does not reflect that. I wish that one day I can be as inspirational to someone else as I have my own set of people who motivate and give me that drive to wake up everyday and keep doing what I love. Sometimes I think I should completely shut down this blog and deactivate my Instagram account just because I can and don't feel as if it's really taking me places. Other days I think that I have been quite lucky to experience things I have because of it. I can't ever seem to make up my mind, so until I do, I will come back and re-read this post a billion times to keep me running.
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Tuesday, December 09, 2014


Photos by Alex Salcedo
SWEATER | Nordstrom
JEANS | Forever 21
SHOES | Aldo
BAG | Rebecca Minkoff

As you might or might not understand, tonight's post is going to be extremely short because I am prepping myself for the Sons of Anarchy finale. Have you been watching?! Let me know what were your favorite parts of the series below! 
Are YOU ready for the #finalride?

You guys know that I pride myself on being a fashion chameleon and I honestly am not afraid to really try anything at least once (well, most things anyway). This is a quick look put together for a day at the office or dinner and drinks with your girlfriends. Whatever the occasion, you're not complete without a chic purse, and mine happened to be this metallic number by Rebecca Minkoff that I found at Nordstrom. Pretty stellar, right?

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Sunday, December 07, 2014


Photos by Alex Salcedo and myself
JACKET | Nordstrom Rack
TOP | *Courtesy of Abercrombie & Fitch
HAT | Forever 21
JEANS | Topshop
SNEAKERS | New Balance

I could tell you a billion things that I loved about last weekend, but I will let the photography do (some of ) the talking.

Monday, December 01, 2014


Photos by Alex Salcedo
DRESS | Kendall & Kylie for PacSun
BOOTS | *Courtesy of Missguided
PURSE | Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac

This weekend was one for the books; from getting up to see the sunrise from the Grand Canyon, stopping by a landmark site at the Flintstones tour & diner place in "Bedrock City", getting to drive our car through groups of wild animals at "Bearizona" (no..seriously! You drove through a path/maze of different animal zones while they roamed around freely! You'll see what I'm talking about soon!), finding the greatest scores ever at Savers (God I missed that place), and overall spending some much needed "married" time with Alex is exactly what I needed in my life. This Thanksgiving was one of the best times of my life, and I could not think of a better way to end November than with such an adventurous event. I had never been so in touch with nature...not kidding! There was absolutely NO signal for long miles throughout the canyon! It was very refreshing, since social media tends to run my personal and work life altogether. Can't wait to start planning our next trip!
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Saturday, November 29, 2014


Photos by Alex Salcedo
DRESS | *Courtesy of Motel Rocks
JACKET | Forever 21
SHOES | Steve Madden

(*This was actually written Thursday morning...lol!)
HAPPY THANKSGIVING, BABES! I am writing to you from up in the air...on my flight from San Diego to Phoenix! I am very excited to be arriving in about half an hour because we then take off to the Grand Canyon in some little city named "Fredonia" (who knew?). I don't know, but it sounds like a name out of some Harry Potter book. For now, I am starving, and very bummed I won't be able to enjoy a full Thanksgiving meal. With that, I have to say that I have had a few realizations. Today is (obviously) not about the food (though seriously, it's a very big part of it), but that of literally giving thanks- thanks for the family that drives you crazy and you didn't choose, for your job(s), cars, home, and perhaps the ability to travel. I may not be some jetsetting girl just yet, but I am so grateful I get to spend this weekend with nature. What's even better is the fact that it will definitely be colder the whole way there than it is currently (yes, it's STILL WARM!). What are you thankful for?
Now, for my look. I was gifted with one of the most beautiful items of clothing I now own from Motel Rocks- the famous Gabby Sequin Plunge Back Dress that you have probably seen on a million bloggers, but couldn't help but have for the holidays. You will definitely see this again in December! 
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Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Photos by Alex Salcedo
CARDIGAN | *Courtesy of Fevrie 
TOP | Topshop
SKIRT | Forever 21
SHOES | *Courtesy of Missguided
NECKLACE | *Courtesy of Love Tatum

Today's quick post is brought to you in part of the fact that I have to take my (soon-to-be) broken down laptop (cue tears). Well, I am not entirely sure this is what's going to happen to my MacBook, but I hope not because I CLEARLY need this thing for more than one thing (Pinterest and catching up on Sons of Anarchy, helloooo)! Do you watch the show? Gimme all your thoughts on it! I don't want it to end!
On another note, the babes at Fevrie gifted me one of the most comfortable and gorgeous cardigans I've ever owned; even the color is perfect! Since apparently a bit of summer is still felt here in San Diego, I chose to wear it with one of my favorite Forever 21's skirts and some chunky heels for added chicness! What did you think of the look?
Chin up cuties, it's almost Thanksgiving! XOXO