Thursday, November 13, 2014


Photos by Alex Salcedo
SHOES & BRALETTE | Forever 21
BRACELET | *Courtesy of  Love Tatum

What can I say? It's Friday Eve (as I like to call it), I get to see Alex tomorrow, and I am about to shower and snuggle up and catch up on some Sons of Anarchy (thanks, Leslie!). I am still on season six so NO SPOILERS! I wanted to save this post for the weekend, but I felt like I had that weirdly urgent sense to write to you, whoever you may be reading this (thank you!). And also because I kinda liked this "not giving a f*ck" outfit. I've been meaning to buy this exact basic top all three times I had gone to H&M before this final time, and I finally caved in because NEWSFLASH, it's still like 80 degrees in this state. I feel as if I can't even walk into a damn Target or dollar store without going a little nuts with the Christmas music on repeat. And let's not talk about the decorations- they've been there since BEFORE Halloween. Like, really. 
While getting dressed, I knew that I had to wear at least one piece of jewelry, so here we are with another gorg piece from my new designer friend babe, Tatum from Love Tatum! I have the tiniest wrists in the entire world, so this was the perfect accessory because you can twist it in a way that both ends are on top of the other (weirdly explained, so just look at the pictures). It reminds me of my wedding and how I had to custom make my bracelets because nothing on Earth fit me the way I wanted it to. What do you think of it's "dalmation" design? So different, I love it. 
I hope you babes have a lovely weekend! xx
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Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Photos by Alex Salcedo
DRESS | Forever 21
BOOTS | Forever 21
RING & EARRINGS | *Courtesy of  Love Tatum

It is about that time- the time in which I begin to panic just a bit because the holidays are here. Even though I am not the biggest fan of the winter festivities (as much as I'd like to be), it is always a reminder that I should really be grateful instead. Most of the time I believe we forget how truly blessed we are- that we have family, friends, food, a home, clothes...! With this said, I was lucky enough to have had the opportunity to work with local San Diego jewelry designer, Tatum Lenahan, the force behind Love Tatum, one of the most unique collections I've ever laid eyes on! She knew my style right from the start and gifted me items she knew I'd fall in love with- she was totally right.
What do you think of the jewels?! Make sure to shop on her site ASAP for these and more chic pieces, right on time for the holidays, too! XX
Es ese tiempo en el cual empiezo a ponerme nerviosa porque ya llegaron las fiestas del fin del año. Aunque no soy la fan mas grande te esas cosas, siempre recuerdo que debo de pensar que soy muy suertuda y estoy bendecida porque tengo comida, familia, amigos, ropa....! Tocando ese tema, me agrada traerles esta colaboración con una diseñadora de joyería de
aqui de San Diego, Tatum Lenahan, la fuerza detrás de su tienda y colección, Love Tatum. Ella supo mi estilo y gustos desde el principio, y no me pude decidir cual pieza llevarme! Que piensan de la joyas? Preciosas, no?  

Sunday, November 09, 2014


*I put together an Abercrombie & Fitch® holiday outfit as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars. All opinions expressed are entirely my own. #afstylist

Photos by Alex Salcedo
COMPLETE OUTFIT | *Courtesy of Abercrombie & Fitch Holiday 2014 Collection
SHOES | Steve Madden

And just like that the holidays are here. It was last Saturday (the day after Halloween) that I saw five Christmas-related commercials while watching television. As always, I think we question the fact that a new year is upon us and whether we will actually follow our resolutions this time. But before this, we have plenty of holiday parties we need to gear up for, and with this in mind, I have teamed up with Abercrombie & Fitch to bring you a glimpse into their holiday collection (now in stores), which includes chic outerwear, sweaters, scarves, and more! Of course, when it comes to my personal style (and the fact that it is still very warm in Southern California), I tend to really mix it up when it comes to certain pieces, so it's no surprise that I threw on this amazing faux fur jacket with a pair of casual sneakers. This is a look that reminds me of nights out with friends during the holidays when we were all home from college on break. Where would you use this combo to? Get to your nearest A&F store for this and more outfits ASAP and take your pick! xx

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Y así de rapido ya llegaron las fiestas navideñas. Era el sábado pasado (el dia después de Halloween) que mire cinco comerciales de Navidad en la television. Y como siempre, nos ponemos a pensar en que que rapido termino el año y si tal vez esta vez vamos a cumplir con nuestras resoluciones. Pero antes de esto, tenemos eventos de la temporada a las cuales debemos de asistir, y con esto en mente, me e juntado con Abercrombie & Fitch para traerles unos looks de su coleccion de invierno (que ya esta en tiendas), que incluye chaquetas, suéteres, bufandas, y mucho mas! Claro, cuando se trata de mi estilo personal (y tambien que aqui en San Diego todavia hace mucho calor durante el dia), me gusta intercambiar tendencias, así que no es sorpresa que me puse esta chaqueta de piel sintetica con unos tenis casuales. Este look me recuerda a las vacaciones de Navidad cuando todos mis amigos y yo nos juntábamos cuando regresábamos del colegio. A donde usarias esta combinación? Encuentra estas piezas en el sitio de Abercrombie & Fitch o en tu tienda A&F mas cercana!

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Thursday, November 06, 2014


Photos by Alex Salcedo
SWEATER | Topshop
SKIRT | Topshop
BRACELET | Forever 21

The meaning behind this sweater is actually very contradicting; you know as they say, you should always enjoy life to the fullest. I saw it as something else- something very playful and an item of clothing that went with my personality. I am very out of the ordinary (sometimes), and standing out is a thing I am very proud of. It doesn't take a lot to make you pop out from the cookie-cutter crowd, especially when you're in the fashion industry. Change up your shoes, or even accessories once in a while- this will change your life.

PS. If you live in San Diego and would love to collab (bloggers, designers, photographers), please contact me! I love meeting and working with local creative souls like myself!
El mensaje detras de este suéter es algo muy contradictorio; como todos saben, tenemos que aprovechar y vivir la vida todos los dias como si fuera el ultimo. Pero yo lo mire como algo mas- una pieza de ropa que va con mi personalidad y ademas se me hizo agradable y juguetona. Yo soy bien extraña (no es obvio?) y me encanta resaltar entre la gente- es algo que me da mucho orgullo porque no le presto tanta atención a como me visto, es algo que me viene naturalmente. No toma mucho para encontrar tu propio estilo- cambia tus accesorios o usa diferentes pares de zapatos de vez en cuando. Te sorprenderás que cositas así cambiaran tu vida! 

Tuesday, November 04, 2014


Photos by Alex Salcedo
DRESS | Topshop
JACKET | Forever 21

I had found this dress on a whim actually, it was it's elasticity and the way it grabbed my body that made me choose to take it. I wore it to the Topshop | Topman Fashion Valley launch party event last week, which was an amazing experience (thank you, Topshop!) and I finally understood what heaven felt like. In all seriousness, if you haven't checked it out and you live in San Diego, you should definitely make the time to go (and take your boyfriend with you)! 
It's almost the middle of the week, and as always, I can't wait for the weekend. Alex and I don't have specific plans, but seeing him is enough. Who knows, maybe it's about time to go on that movie date I've been whining about for about two months (aheeeemmmmm). I have been trying to be the supporting wife while he's done with school next month- it has been a long time coming! Sometimes I feel bad that weekends are his only days off, yet he has to drive to Calexico, do homework, try to pay attention to me, and help around the house all at the same time. You're almost there, babe! 

What did you think of my outfit? Simple, yet makes a statement.
Encontre este vestido a primer vista en cuanto entre a la tienda y lo que me hizo que lo comprara fue su elasticidad, y como se veia mi cuerpo en el.  Lo use por primera vez en la fiesta de la tienda de Topshop | Topman en Fashion Valley aqui en San Diego, y dejen decirles que es un lugar en donde tienen que ir almenos una vez! No se les olvide llevarse al novio! :p
Ya es casi el medio de la semana, y como siempre, no puedo esperar el fin de semana. Alex y yo no tenemos planes hechos, pero espero que me lleve al cine después de dos meses de puro chingar de que quiero ir! He tratado de ser la esposa que lo apoya en todo mientras que termina la escuela el proximo mes- ya a pasado mas de cuatro años! Felicidades amor!

Que pensaste de mi look? Es algo simple, pero perfecto.