Tuesday, April 24, 2018


Tuesday, April 24, 2018
*Sponsored by Zappos
Yes. It's been a while, but I am back for a fun cause! This time I had the pleasure of working with Zappos for their collaboration with Timberland, which I have to say- is kind of hitting most of my "spring musts" list- stylish, fashionable, comfort (always!), and a quality that can't be beat. Alex and I had took our pairs for a spin this past weekend when we hit up Imperial Beach (this weather is making it TOO easy to not pass up on some time by the water!), and we weren't surprised when we got some compliments, either (hehe)! As you know, we are always on the go, and these sporty sneakers were not only lightweight and chic, they also came in different color palettes than we are used to for sure! 

 My favorite way of styling sneakers, are to usually complement a skirt or a flowy dress, which was definitely no exception this time around! I am pretty petite at 5'2, so anything that makes my legs appear longer are a plus! But not only can you wear them around on weekends, they are perfect for the office (or perhaps on 'Casual Fridays'!), casual dates with friends, or even taking your dog for a walk. Finish off your look with an oversized jacket (if you live somewhere where it gets chilly in the evenings), and a cute backpack for your essentials- just right for any occasion! This Timberland pair has got you covered whenever you need it! Oh, and let's not forget about our men! Alex took a basic look, paired it with a cool blue denim jacket I steal from him from time to time (not sorry), and a grey pair of sneakers and he almost looked as good as I did. ALMOST. ;) 
  One of the reasons we love shopping from Zappos is because not only do they provide pretty fast and excellent customer service (seriously- NEVER have had an issue with them!), but also because they provide everyone with fast and free shipping, and a 365-day return policy- something all of us busy people definitely appreciate! 
 What are your thoughts? Does this change your mind about going online RIGHT NOW and getting your spring shop on?! (SAY YES!)
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