Friday, January 27, 2017


Friday, January 27, 2017
If you are involved in the fashion industry or even if you aren't, you might have probably heard about that eco-friendly trend going around, you know, the one that involves designers such as Stella McCartney and her commitment to mother nature, H&M and their seasonal "Conscious Collection" (which totally proves that "looking good should do good too"), or even brands such as Reformation, one of the biggest names popular with today's it-girls, who produce all of their garments with sustainable methods and materials that include "rescued deadstock fabrics and repurposed vintage clothing". With so many environmentally-minded designers and brands, how could you not possibly give back to the same surroundings that help you live and breathe everyday?

With this said, I am pleased to introduce the latest brand I have the honor of working with: Renovare. I recently discovered this brand and the guys behind it when I went back to Léon for work this past December, and they left nothing but the greatest taste in my mouth (is that even a saying? I'm seriously laughing right now guys, please correct me if I used it incorrectly hahaha). Why you ask? Let me let you in on what their company stands for:
First off, their primary focus is to "promote awareness on renewable energy" and "motivate the world to have a new living philosophy." Among other things, Renovare's mission is to "bring the global environmental problems to the public's attention", which I think is more important now more than ever. And how does it all work? It's simple. Renovare is a company that is solely interested in "promoting the environment by reducing waste", which in other terms means they recycle and re-use plastic bottles to create their one-of-a-kind shoes with the unique touch that will totally have you standing out in any crowd. Sound intriguing yet? This is certainly one up and coming brand that is refusing to sacrifice super cool style for sustainability, that's for sure.

*Read more about Renovare's philosophy HERE

**PLEASE TAKE NOTE: These will all be available in the US soon, but for now, you can browse through all of their models and fall in love (or recommend them to anyone in Mexico for now!) by clicking here.

BLAZER: Missguided | SCARF: Ben Sherman | SKIRT: Forever 21 | SUNNIES: Ray-Ban |
SHOES: Renovare

Si estás en cualquier manera involucrado en la industria de la moda (o no), tal vez ya hayas escuchado sobre una de las tendencias más grandes del momento, el movimiento 'eco-friendly', el que llamo la atención de diseñadores como Stella McCartney o H&M, que con su colección "Conscious Collection" de cada temporada ha atraído a varias it girls y celebridades de todo el mundo y ha hecho el movimiento aún más fuerte y atractivo. 

El punto es que la historia de hoy es que les tengo que contar sobre una marca padrísima llamada Renovare. Apenas la descubrí en este último viaje de trabajo a León y les tengo que confesar que me enamoraron con su gran proyecto y la visión detrás de todo eso. En pocas palabras, dejen les platico  un poco sobre lo que es Renovare y como tratan de crear conciencia sobre la energía renovable de una manera diferente y super cool:
Para empezar, su objetivo es "crear conciencia de la energía renovable" y "motivar al mundo a seguir una nueva filosofía de vida." Entre otras cosas, la misión de Renovare es "atraer la atención pública hacia los problemas globales del medio ambiente", lo cuál sabemos que es tema muy importante hoy en día. 
Y como es que funciona todo esto? Fácil. Renovare es una marca que se enfoca en "atraer la atención pública hacia los problemas globales del medio ambiente, impulsando las soluciones necesarias para tener un futuro verde." En otras palabras esto significa que ellos reciclan, reducen y reutilizan botellas de plástico (PET) para crear su calzado con detalles únicos que al momento de usarlos seguramente van a robar todas las miradas. ¿Suena intrigante? Esta es una marca con una gran potencial que se niega a sacrificar el estilo solo por la sostenibilidad, eso ténganlo por seguro. 
*Conoce mas sobre la filosofía de Renovare dando clic aquí.

**Descubre los costos y detalles de este y más modelos en la colección completa aquí ►

Tuesday, January 03, 2017


Tuesday, January 03, 2017

DRESS | *Courtesy of Zaful
SHOES | *Courtesy of Zaful
JACKET | *Courtesy of Missguided

You guysssssssss. I have missed this. The constant need for interaction has stepped up a notch and this is why I'm here. That and it is time to let you in on a little secret you might not even know about. I like anything star-patterned. Can you tell? I mean, this kind of (aaaaalmooostttt) reminded me of that Tularosa dress I wore in June, but mixed with the coolest moto jacket and platforms I've laid eyes on in recent months. Not in the mood for faux leather? I'd also layer this with a denim jacket, messy bun, ankle booties, and possibly a straw fedora. Me and my spring mindset already.
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