Monday, October 26, 2015


Monday, October 26, 2015

Call it my “Golden Birthday”, or my “Champagne Birthday” (wish I WAS kidding about that one!), or simply, “My Birthday”, but I think that just like any other day, this 27th birthday of mine simply came by TOO fast. I had thought about making this a very personal post, but that would take too much time that I clearly do not have (as previously mentioned in about 348749240 of my latest posts), so I will make it short. And maybe sweet.


1. The times I now think about getting closer to 30, still sort of freak me the f**k out, but I am now adjusting to a more open mindset in which I picture the 30s as the new 20s (many thanks to the people over at Vogue). 
2. I am still not ready for a kid, much less the 4 I had planned on since I was basically a babe myself. Don’t ask me where THAT arose from. 
3. I am still selfish, flawed, NOT Adriana Lima (though it might become my birthday wish tonight!), and definitely as stubborn as ever, but I am trying to be more expressive. It’s SO HARD. 
4. I am ecstatic that I have a career that I enjoy getting up for in the mornings (you guys know that unless it’s Disneyland, I am so not a morning person). Oh, and that Daylight Savings Ends this Sunday (YAY).
5. You don’t need a billion people to be your friend, I can count mine with probably one hand. Two if I like them that week. 
6. At the same time, I am trying to not cancel so much on social plans, despite how tired I am or how much I really don’t like that restaurant they picked out. 
7. When I am upset, I usually keep it to myself (key word: USUALLY), and it comes out at the wrong time. Sometimes. Other times it really IS the other person’s fault. 
8. I would have said stopped dyeing my hair so much, but that has decreased (the hair gods still look upon me because I have more hair than ever). 
9. CALL YOUR PARENTS. EVEN IF THEY HATE YOU AT THE MOMENT (looking at myself on this one- yes, through a mirror). 
10. Keep being nice to everyone around you and don’t misjudge others because I’ve been known to get “along” with backstabbers here and there- NOT a nice outcome.
11. Try to channel my creativeness into other things (heads up to my Pinterest account, as 100 new boards will be created soon). 
12. Get healthier.
13. Volunteering is the only way you will ever be completely fulfilled. 
14. Go to as many concerts as you can. In my case, I will make my way back to Britney,   somehow, someway.
15. Travel more. Travel often.

Oh hey look, I did get more personal and made this so much longer than it needed to be. If you read this far, let me know. 
Cheers to another 365 days of screw ups, mistakes, and total f*ck ups. It’s officially official (insert girl with hand up emoji here). xx

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