Saturday, November 29, 2014


Saturday, November 29, 2014

Photos by Alex Salcedo
DRESS | *Courtesy of Motel Rocks
JACKET | Forever 21
SHOES | Steve Madden

(*This was actually written Thursday!)
HAPPY THANKSGIVING, BABES! I am writing to you from up in the air...on my flight from San Diego to Phoenix! I am very excited to be arriving in about half an hour because we then take off to the Grand Canyon in some little city named "Fredonia" (who knew?). I don't know, but it sounds like a name out of some Harry Potter book. For now, I am starving, and very bummed I won't be able to enjoy a full Thanksgiving meal. With that, I have to say that I have had a few realizations. Today is (obviously) not about the food (though seriously, it's a very big part of it), but that of literally giving thanks- thanks for the family that drives you crazy and you didn't choose, for your job(s), cars, home, and perhaps the ability to travel. I may not be some jetsetting girl just yet, but I am so grateful I get to spend this weekend with nature. What's even better is the fact that it will definitely be colder the whole way there than it is currently (yes, it's STILL WARM!). What are you thankful for?
Now, for my look. I was gifted with one of the most beautiful items of clothing I now own from Motel Rocks- the famous Gabby Sequin Plunge Back Dress that you have probably seen on a million bloggers, but couldn't help but have for the holidays. You will definitely see this again in December! 
What do you think of the ensemble? Make sure to also follow me on Instagram @esmirnatapia so you don't miss out on my crazy adventure today! 

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