Saturday, November 01, 2014


Saturday, November 01, 2014
After a long time, I have finally set aside the proper time to go over our Hawaii photographs, and I had almost forgotten the immense beauty that is the island. Of course I am joking, who could forget something like this? From our first breakfast at the Aulani Disney Resort, to hiking and overlooking over 600' cliffs, our stay here was probably more magical this second time around. Have you ever been there? If not, please put this on your bucket list- it's A MUST!
I am off to (finally) end my birthday month-long celebrations tonight in Mexicali, and I can't wait to see our friends and have an amazing time! Follow me in Instagram for more on that event tonight @esmirntapia! Enjoy the rest of your weekend, babes!

Part of the Aulani Disney Resort- gorgeous, right?

Stingrays around the resort were almost too close for comfort!

Day 2 out at sea: Kaneohe Sandbar edition! 

Oh hi, Alex!

My cousin Leslie's husband, David (above) is in the military and is stationed in Hawaii, so we get to do even more fun activities such as these through his job! So thankful!

Day 3 out on a place we "accidentally" came across with on our way to our hike! We made sure to come back here on our last day (you'll see what I am referring to at the end of this post!)

(Oh hey, Leslie!)

At the end of the hike, we overlook a lighthouse where people also have the opportunity to leave a lock of love (similar to the Paris love lock bridge). Of course we HAD to do it!

We were taken to eat mochi (a weird form of ice cream- Japanese style!), at Bubbies. Seriously, take a few seconds to read the names of their offerings above!
I got a vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate serving of mochi!

But before that, we ate udon at this place and fell in LOVE! And this is honestly in Alex's words- and he's REALLLLLYYYYY picky about everything he eats! 

No trip was complete without a visit to Brandy Melville! Grabbed a few goodies because I couldn't help myself!
On the last night of our vacation, we went to a restaurant overlooking all of downtown Waikiki called Top of Waikiki (very fitting!). It was nothing like I've seen before because the floor of the restaurant does a 360 while you eat! Can't wait to go again! 

Ala Moana Beach, 5:45am. David had running practice with a group of people from the army, so we all decided to go with him. It was all so beautiful because there were people already in the water or fishing! Ugh, what a sight!

So this is back at the Halona Blowhole place from earlier; I told you it was gorgeous! There were little pools of water everywhere and it looked and smelled like pure heaven. 

Here are a few more snips from the trip; I can't decide which was my favorite part!

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