Tuesday, November 04, 2014


Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Photos by Alex Salcedo
DRESS | Topshop
JACKET | Forever 21
SHOES | ModDeals.com

I had found this dress on a whim actually, it was it's elasticity and the way it grabbed my body that made me choose to take it. I wore it to the Topshop | Topman Fashion Valley launch party event last week, which was an amazing experience (thank you, Topshop!) and I finally understood what heaven felt like. In all seriousness, if you haven't checked it out and you live in San Diego, you should definitely make the time to go (and take your boyfriend with you)! 
It's almost the middle of the week, and as always, I can't wait for the weekend. Alex and I don't have specific plans, but seeing him is enough. Who knows, maybe it's about time to go on that movie date I've been whining about for about two months (aheeeemmmmm). I have been trying to be the supporting wife while he's done with school next month- it has been a long time coming! Sometimes I feel bad that weekends are his only days off, yet he has to drive to Calexico, do homework, try to pay attention to me, and help around the house all at the same time. You're almost there, babe! 

What did you think of my outfit? Simple, yet makes a statement.
Encontre este vestido a primer vista en cuanto entre a la tienda y lo que me hizo que lo comprara fue su elasticidad, y como se veia mi cuerpo en el.  Lo use por primera vez en la fiesta de la tienda de Topshop | Topman en Fashion Valley aqui en San Diego, y dejen decirles que es un lugar en donde tienen que ir almenos una vez! No se les olvide llevarse al novio! :p
Ya es casi el medio de la semana, y como siempre, no puedo esperar el fin de semana. Alex y yo no tenemos planes hechos, pero espero que me lleve al cine después de dos meses de puro chingar de que quiero ir! He tratado de ser la esposa que lo apoya en todo mientras que termina la escuela el proximo mes- ya a pasado mas de cuatro años! Felicidades amor!

Que pensaste de mi look? Es algo simple, pero perfecto.

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