Thursday, March 06, 2014


Thursday, March 06, 2014
Wow. What an intense past few weeks! It was a bit strange getting back to the hang of things after my WWDMAGIC trip, but nonetheless, a very rewarding experience! I will try to summarize the coolest things first, then go into detail in my next post!
I hope this gives you an inside look as to what I did as a WWDMAGIC Official Blogger!

(above with some of the bloggers & Stylesmith gals on the last day of WWDMAGIC, picture courtesy of my super cute blogger friend, Mai of Mai Sassy Girl blog!)

This was my first time at WWDMAGIC, and originally I had not been that nervous, but by the time I arrived in my hotel room, I was dying! It started to sink in that I was going to speak on front of people! I am somewhat terrified of speaking in front of public, but once I talked on my first the very next morning, it was a breeze for the next two days! 
I also had the pleasure of having Cheryl of the blog, Oh To Be A Muse as a roomie! We hit it off right away, snuck around the hotel in our pajamas while everyone was staring (more on that story later!), and got each other into the craziest t.v. shows (Couples Therapy and Mob Wives, among others, ha!). I hope to see her again someday soon! 
After meeting with the rest of the gals on Monday night during a quick run to the restaurant downstairs, I realized I couldn't have asked for better people to spend the rest of the week with! Some had already been at MAGIC before, so they were big help in terms of guiding the rest of us on how things worked. We then headed to orientation at the Las Vegas Convention Center to take a small tour of the "calm before the storm" halls. 
The next morning, we had our first panel, and it was so much fun talking about social media and our experiences (more into detail on that too later!) with it. It felt really cool having an audience as well, and watching them take notes for future personal references, was a bit unreal. Someone was actually listening to our advice! ;) 
A bit after that, I got to meet Snooki and even interviewed her! I promise I'll give you more details when the time comes! Overall, the first day was pretty eventful, plus all that walking really helped burn some calories!

Other highlights included:
  • Having a total of about 15 mini heart attacks throughout the three days at MAGIC because I thought I had lost my phone (or camera)! Luckily, they were always in my purse, like they were supposed to be!
  • Having a wide variety of shops & restaurants, bars, and even a bar on the first floor of our hotel at the Monte Carlo! Helloooo Rubio's! Yummy!
  • Getting the opportunity to talk to brand owners, reps, buyers, etc. one on one, and talking about their experiences in general
  • Getting SOO many gifted items! I am very fortunate to have received many cool pieces of clothing, and even shoes! A whole post dedicated to the items I got will be up soon! 
  • Getting to meet some "famous" people like Alexis Bellino from the Real Housewives of Orange County and Nicole Polizzi
Lastly, I had the best time with the whole Stylesmith team! All of the girls (and Kelsi, the owner!) were so amazing and helpful! I honestly would have been a bit lost if it weren't for them! While they were really fun, they were also professional, having to run around (more than we the bloggers did!) to be able to cover all of the events surrounding WWDMAGIC! I hope I get to see them again someday :)

All of this would not have happened if it weren't for all of you who got me there; THANK YOU for your support and helping make my dreams come true! 

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