Friday, March 07, 2014


Friday, March 07, 2014
By now it should be no surprise that I absolutely adored my time in Las Vegas, and it really opened my eyes to so many things I had little to no idea about. Here are a few of those favorite moments:
One. I had been contacted by Snooki's PR rep to see if I was interested in a meet and greet with her, which I obviously said "YES!" to, and even did a mini interview regarding her clothing line (her new line was showing at MAGIC)! It was really a 3 minute thing, since I was a tiny bit starstruck (ha!), and she had literally answered my questions to the fullest; I didn't even know what else to talk to her about, except ask for pictures (which she was so sweet about). The next day, I had the chance to meet Alexis Bellino from the Real Housewives of Orange County, and that was a fun time! I was wearing booties and she was wearing heels- she must have been about almost 6 feet tall! After telling her I was a huge fan (and blah blah), she told me she'd take off her heels just for me for our pictures! That was pretty hilarious. I totally should have asked for an autograph (just kidding). Not really.

Two. As I was walking around the Convention Center halls, I came across the Violeta by Mango booth, which is an extension brand of Mango aimed at girls who are a bit on the curvier side. This was a huge deal for Spanish brand Mango, who had already released the Violeta line all throughout Europe, but had yet to make it's grand debut in the United States. What a cool way to launch the brand here, at WWDMAGIC! Bravo, Mango!

Three. Another brand that had recently caught my eye was Desigual, also from Spain. Their bold and vivacious shows on the runways during NYFW are all the buzz! Think loud and cultural music, models smiling and dancing down the catwalk, and so many art installations- you can't miss it! I had the pleasure of talking to some of the marketing department while visiting the booth, and even exchanged information! It felt like such a dream; I never thought in a million years that I would be discussing a huge brand with some of their most important people! Talk about being blessed!

Four. One of my all-time favorite things had to be surrounded by so many people with a variety of fashion senses! Everyone had their own personal style, whether it was a guy or gal; I was heavily inspired by all this greatness! It seems funny, but I really felt at home when I was at MAGIC!
(Pictured is the neat shoe of another WWDMAGIC blogger, Amanda, of Fashionablee Me!)

Five. Speaking on panels. It. Was. Amazingggg. After all the nerves and chaos, it was mind-blowing to find out just how much I learned about myself and my fellow bloggers when it came to talking about social media, trends, and our personal experiences. I think this was the most rewarding part of the whole experience, and I could not wait to leave and put those mental notes to good use!
 (Talking about some of our favorite discovered trends-above: picture by another Official Blogger, Kaelah from the blog, The Clueless Girl's Guide!)

Six. The first night we were all together, the bloggers and the whole Stylesmith team had a pajama party, where we all ate, took silly pictures, and got to know each other a bit more. It was a little embarrassing because my roommate Cheryl and I had to walk all the way from our room on the 16th floor, take the elevator to the first floor, switch elevators, head to the 12th floor, and walk to Kelsi's room to join the party. We had a few stares and funny remarks, but it was so worth it. 

Seven. Just how much you had to walk! I totally underestimated how much longer my day would seem when I added all the times I had to walk from our "base camp" (meeting room) at one end of the Convention Center, to the different halls on the other side of the establishment! Good thing I decided NOT to wear heels! 

Eight. During my time there, I had heard about one of the emerging designers; she was a 12 year-old and already had a line named after herself. I absolutely had to check her out. When I arrived at Isabella Rose's booth, I was speechless. SPEECHLESS. This girl was beyond her years, ALREADY IN COLLEGE, and was in charge of everything that her clothing line entailed. Next to her was Renee from Love and Leather, and I also got to meet Natalya from Toysyndrome, whose designs of small toys embroidered on clothing have already been featured in Nylon Magazine and an episode of the TV show, Girls. LOVE. 

Nine. Creative displays. I saw florals, curtains, all sorts of whimsical booths that just took my breath away. Granted, you couldn't go into a few, like Free People and BB Dakota, but most had so much intricate work done that I couldn't believe my eyes. Seriously. The time that people put into making their spaces what they end up being is something completely magical and can be easily understated. 

Ten.  Getting excited for all the upcoming trends is one of the things I am most looking forward to for the next seasons. I saw lots of daisies, beautiful coats, delicate jewelry, and awesome shoes that I wanted to just take everything with me (aside from all the cool gifts I received)! The show taught me that regardless if you're a huge trend follower or trendsetter, you should always wear what you feel most comfortable and chic in. I couldn't agree more!

Until the WWDMAGIC post! Trust me, you won't want to miss that one either! 

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