Sunday, March 09, 2014


Sunday, March 09, 2014
 It is the start of a brand new week, and it is going to be an exciting one since I will be going back home to San Diego to visit family and friends. Arizona is already getting extremely warm now, so I am really looking forward to getting back near the beach, my inner beach babe is craving it too much. 
This look was quickly put together on a whim, and I actually wore the top and skirt two weeks ago at MAGIC! The heels are also very my type, I really just like any type of shoe that has cut-outs and straps! They were gifted from the gals at AMI Clubwear- thank you! So was my collar necklace, again from The Vagabond Queen, and it totally ties up the look, I think. 

Es el empiezo de una semana nueva, y sera una semana exitosa porque ire de regreso a San Diego a visitar familia y amigos! Arizona se esta poniendo un poco caliente, y no aguanto las ganas de estar cerca del mar. 
Hize este look rapidamente, y de hecho use el top y falda en Las Vegas hace dos semanas! Las zapatillas tambien son muy mi tip, y regaladas de parte de las nenas de AMI Clubwear- muchas gracias! El collar es de The Vagabond Queen de nuevo, y pienso que es lo que amarra el conjunto perfectamente! 

Top | Topshop
Skirt/ Falda | Topshop
Shoes/ Zapatos | AMI Clubwear
Necklace/ Collar | The Vagabond Queen

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