Monday, October 23, 2017


Monday, October 23, 2017
Photos by Henry Young

So here we are, Monday, October 23rd, and 4 days to go until my birthday...I feel like Joey from "Friends" when he turns 30 and says something along the lines of, "we had a deal that everyone would get old except for me!" while yelling to the ceiling basically, and while I may not exactly be turning 30, I am officially being official super and ridiculously old that's it's actually quite scary :(
No big plans, except for Disneyland on Sunday with my cousins, and I get off early on Friday because on your birthday you get to leave after 3 hours and still get paid as if you worked the entire day (huuuuuge score!), so the fact that I get to drink bubbly after 11am is totally acceptable and perfect for me. Aside from that, any Halloween plans? I have not dressed up since 2015 when I had to do it for my previous job lol...those were the good ol' days. 

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