Friday, August 05, 2011

The Row Launches New Handbag Collection

Friday, August 05, 2011
Picture courtesy of The Window

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have come a long way in the fashion industry since their days designing a pre-teen clothing line for Wal-Mart (wow remember that?!). In 2007, the famous twins launched The Row, a luxury apparel and accessories brand. Since the brand's beginning, it has included everything from leather leggings, and evening dresses to outwear, so of course the next step for them would be to now include handbags.

The Olsen's launched The Row’s first handbag collection at Barneys New York this July. The sleek and sophisticated collection fits perfectly within the brand’s “classic and ultra-refined” philosophy.

The sisters have been known to track down the most finest of materials to create clothing and accessories that can accommodate their  “contemporary luxury” line. With handbags made of ostrich and python there is no doubt that the Olsen's intend for this collection of handbags to be a fashion investment that will succeed even the most "trendy" trends. At $39,000, (no, you did not just imagine that number) The Row unveiled its most expensive investment piece at the Barneys launch party—a backpack constructed of alligator skin.

The insanely priced backpack has no doubt garnered the most coverage, leaving all of us wondering just how much one can be expected to spend to own a first edition The Row handbag. There is still mystery surrounding the exact price points of the bags as curious shoppers are directed to call the nearest Barneys, but the brand has confirmed that several of the smaller bags range between $4,700-$5,500.

Barneys allowed the sisters to interview one another for their blog The Window; here is just a bit of what they chatted about:

Mary-Kate Olsen: What is your favorite piece of clothing you’ve designed for The Row?
Ashley Olsen: I would have to say our first t-shirt. We have evolved so much since that first tee, but every collection is based on the same standards—luxurious fabrics, impeccable fit, and the highest level of quality.

Ashley: What are your favorite materials and textiles to work with?
Mary-Kate: I love furs and skins because the textures are so compelling. We push ourselves and our team to consider new ideas and techniques for incorporating them.

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