Monday, April 04, 2016


Monday, April 04, 2016

Photos by Alex Salcedo

Shoes | Missguided
Romper | Tobi

The "perfect" khaki coat comes courtesy of Banana Republic, who made me insanely happy once I opened the package and saw that everything from the sizing to the button detailing was more than what I could have asked for in an outerwear piece. The best part (because does it get better)? You can wear it year-round, with skinnies, skirts, dresses, shorts, casual or formal- the possibilities really are endless! I actually paired it with a burgundy romper I had not had the chance to wear just yet, and the combination of that and the sides of the purse I also received, was more than ideal. It is lightweight enough to wear around the office all day (or if you are running from class to class), and the color makes it even more versatile, adding to its ultimate chicness. It's double-breasted feature and large buttons make it easy enough to close up and open for easier access (or just whenever you feel like the weather asks for it). All in all, I can't express enough good things about this super cool coat other than it will definitely accompany me from now until forever (crossing my fingers)! Oh, and let's not forget the purse. The reason why this suddenly also became a favorite in my wardrobe is that is is spacious enough for all of your essentials AND THEN SOME, plus the light pink color is the ultimate spring combination that can easily transfer over to the rest of the seasons, just depends on how you wear it and where! 

So tell me, where would you wear this coat to? Did it catch your eye? You really can't miss out on the chance to buy one for yourself before they run out in your size (or am I the only one that happens to ALL THE TIME?)!


*DISCLAIMER: Banana Republic provided free product in exchange for this post. All opinions expressed are my own.*

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