Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Wednesday, April 15, 2015
I had the pleasure of working with ifchic AND shopping their amazing monthly event, #ifchic24, which happens to be a 24-hour event that occurs on every 24th of the month. (Kind of made you think there, huh?) Wanna know how it works? Check it out below and prepare to be blown away! 

When you visit, a small pop up appears and asks you if you'd like to sign in or register so that you're able to collect "ifchic coins". Ifchic coins are coins you can collect everytime you log onto the website. One ifchic coins equals one dollar, and you have to basically play a little bit of a scavenger hunt in order to find them. They're located on different pages of the site and you simply click on the coins to collect them. Suuuuuuper easy, right?! You can earn as much as $6 per day, and up to $180 on your entire purchase when the #ifchic24 events come around! How cool is that? You would have to make sure to spend all of your coins on that certain day, since the coins don't roll over into the next month. But still. Do you know of any retailer that sells uber-chic designer items with this kind of strategy? I think it's pure genius! 
Oh, I also need to mention that the website has a very unique layout, yet is extremely user-friendly for even the most technologically challenged of gals! It was also very easy collecting coins and shopping around on the day of the event! My order was submitted and within about a week, I received it- pretty packaging and all! I especially love that the items arrived in a dust bag, which I was thrown off by. I felt that the company took their time to wrap my pieces carefully and with so much care- I would definitely recommend checking it out! AND don't forget to mark your calendars for April 24th! Let me know what you think of the website!

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