Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Tuesday, March 10, 2015
As if you didn't know. Chiara Ferragni is my biggest inspiration all around- the grand definition of beauty and brains. At only 27 years old, Chiara's name has been on the lips of big fashion industry names, as well as gaining large recognition in other areas of business where no one knew who she was until she (and her ex-boyfriend/current blog manager & co-founder, Riccardo Pozzoli) began expanding her empire from taking photos for her site, The Blonde Salad, to creating and selling some of the most unique shoes in the world. Her take on style and daring edginess is what makes her stand out amongst the rest- the proof is in her social platforms, where she has over 3.3 million loyal followers on Instagram alone). Ferragni has been on the cover of countless major publications, is a front-row regular at every fashion week every season, and is on an airplane travelling the world at least once a week. When she's not posing in front of a camera, she can be seen hosting large events, or even at Harvard Business School, where she was recently recognized for her blog/business, since the prestigious school published a complete case study on it. Who wouldn't be envious of her life?!
*All photos are courtesy of TheBlondeSalad.com

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