Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Wednesday, February 11, 2015
 (Above) Getting a chic new organizer & reading about one of the most successful babes in the industry is a sure way to get your spirits up. Anything can happen! 
(Below) Make some snazzy new business cards and promote yourself everywhereeeee! This is another way to get randoms to look at your blog! Post them anywhere and hand them to anyone- you never know who might have a proposition for you! 
I know that this isn't your typical post, but I have finally had an epiphany: to make this just more than a place where I post my outfits (aka try to make it more interesting). After a lot of research, I have decided to revamp the blog (something that I have had on my mind for a while now), with new categories and who knows, even a YouTube channel (and no, not the kind you made when you were 14 and taking video clips of your dog). This is more like an introductory post to the brand new "Platforms for Breakfast", without the new design just yet. I want a space where more people can connect with me and feel as if they are involved with 99.9% of my life. Throughout this process, and even now still, I have had a lot of what you might call "blogger's block"- or having a sense of being stuck trying to figure shit out. I even have those tough times where I believe that I should stop blogging altogether because sometimes I don't think it will get me anywhere.  I spend a lot of time planning outfits, driving around making Alex take my photos, editing, and running straight home on Sunday afternoons in order to prepare posts for the new week, and even then I don't think that is enough. But there's a voice that just keeps telling me to stick it out- make this my one hobby I keep making a commitment to, because let's face it, I don't know what else I could be doing with my time (or what I would be taking pictures of!) if it weren't this blog. It has come to my attention that though I may feel as if I am putting effort into my posts, I could be doing a lot better- hell, there are TONS of pages in last year's planner with ideas on different topics I have been wanting to write about and nothing has made it on here. So if I wasn't putting effort into my posts, why was I expecting anything in return? There are so many bloggers out there that may just post about what they're wearing and find almost immediate success, and that in a way is such a demotivation because I do the exact same thing and don't receive the same attention. At times I feel that my online "life" is strangely different than the one I actually lead, and that is actually a bit crazy for me because I don't intend for me to come out to people that way. I have decided to not let my inner demons get the best of me and do something about it instead. Instead of thinking that I don't have anything "cool" to tweet about, just tweet; reply to emails as soon as I can, get back and acknowledge those Facebook and Instagram comments (because if people have enough time to give me a compliment, the least I could do is thank them for it). Give good karma and get good karma back! ++

My solution to all of this madness? Feeling the same way? Read on.

STEP BACK & TAKE A BREATHER Just as it says. Close your eyes and think about why you're doing this in the first place. Get inspiration from everywhere you can and you will never feel this way again! 

RE-MOTIVATE YOURSELF Blog because it makes YOU happy, it makes you a better person, because you find motivation in making others feel amazing! Blogging should not have to be something that you HAVE TO do, rather instead, something that inspires YOU! 

FIND YOUR HAPPY PLACE (LITERALLY) Where do you go to plan or blog? Is it your dinner table, the bathroom, or your balcony? Or is it that coffee shop down the street or alongside people on an outing to the beach? Find a place where you can think better and clearer and so many other ideas will come flowing to your head! 

SELF-DISCIPLINE Do you have a major party to go to Saturday but realized you still need to plan out your outfits for your photo session the next morning? Don't procrastinate and do that first! This goes along with planning down below. When you get into a routine where you know when and what day you'll be doing what, everything else will easily fall into place. Stuck in a routine? Switch things up and take a few days off to re-focus on fresh new ideas! Remember, it takes two weeks to make something a habit, so make it a good one!

PLAN & CONQUER  Buy a planner and outline your days- what day will you plan out your outfit? Edit and post? Do you need to contact your photographer/friend/etc. ahead of time so you have time to go around from place to place to take your photos? Having a schedule will help you infinitely when it comes to preparing for posts- you will know what you have to do and when. I also find that having a sort of key and highlighting in a variety of colors will help you pinpoint what are priorities and what's not. Also, take note of EVERYTHING. Did you cook up some yummy recipe last night? Or did you take a walk around the block and realized you liked how the sunset looked at that time? Snap a photo and take notes- this way you will always have some sort of content for your blog and not suffer from this writer's block "disease"! 

NEVER DOUBT YOURSELF It might sound crazy coming from me right now because currently I am still feeling the same way, but as I said, those voices aren't telling you to keep going for nothing. Just as I felt like giving up on the blogging world forever, something so great would happen- almost instantly! Keep going!

For all of those who take their time to read my blog, thank you. It's nice to know that I can entertain someone else other than Alex for once, lol!

Instagram me @esmirnatapia for other snippets of the new blog (coming SOON!) xx


Unknown said...

I don't think you shouldn't stop at all!! I love your blog and style. You are one of my favorite bloggers!! I think YouTube videos would be a great idea. I'm sure I'm not the only one that loves the blog and get inspired by your outfits, think positive . ๐Ÿ‘‰one of my teachers told me not to call something you love a hobby because that's what makes you happy ๐Ÿ˜˜ wish you the best!!

John said...

Thoughtful blog, thanks for sharing

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