Sunday, January 11, 2015


Sunday, January 11, 2015

Photos by Alex Salcedo
COAT | *Courtesy of
TOP | Topshop
SHORTS | Forever 21
BRALETTE | Forever 21
SHOES | *Courtesy of Missguided

Happy 2015! I know this is (in the words of JoJo), a little too late, but there has been SO much going on lately, that I've had a bit of time to myself (which I use to try to deal with my life as much as I can)! To begin, during the week of Christmas, Alex was in Calexico, since he was already on a semi-vacation, and I worked up until the 24th (which you know if you're Mexican that we celebrate Christmas that night). We had a get together at my aunt's house there with my extended family. It's always the best times when we're all there. After much eating, taking pictures, and singing karaoke, the cousins, Alex, and I were in the living room just trying to recharge to go back outside to the cold. It all seemed a bit suspicious when Alex opens the door and brings in a small wrapped thing, though we claimed we wouldn't get each other's gifts this year. He hands it to me and my cousin and him start recording me on their phones, so I knew it HAD to be good. I didn't open it all the way when I saw part of the cover of an "Apartment Guide" booklet, and it clicked right away. "Did you get the job?!", I asked, since he had applied for a job in San Diego a few weeks back and hadn't heard back. He nods and I start screaming (while he's still recording, mind you), and jump on him. It then turns a bit weird for me because I start sorta crying. It was then that everyone frantically asked what was wrong. After telling them, they all screamed too, since it was finally back to how it used to be after 7 months of living apart. It was definitely a holiday for the books. The rest of the weekend was spent with even more family, and most of all, spending our nights with our cousins, including Leslie, who actually left to Hawaii again today. I think we bonded more, throughout the loud, never ending Hannah Montana Uno card games at Starbucks (which we were almost kicked out of for being TOO loud), to throwing Alex's surprise party for his birthday/graduation/new job. We resumed our regular jobs the next week, and came back to Calexico for New Year's, which was only fun because I got to eat more food. That Friday we all headed to Disneyland, and it was one last hurrah before coming back to reality and getting back to the grind. 
One last good news- we got our own place in San Diego now! I'm excited to decorate and settle down into the life we have always wanted ever since we left to Arizona! I am ecstatic.
How were YOUR holidays?! Let me know here or on my Instagram @esmirnatapia! 

PS. How chic is this red plaid coat from the gals over at Tobi?! Ugh, I've always a red plaid coat in my life, and this is the perfect new addition to my wardrobe! Such an iconic piece for sure! 


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