Monday, September 08, 2014


Monday, September 08, 2014

Photos by Alex Salcedo
COMPLETE OUTFIT | *Courtesy of American Eagle Outfitters

Although I am still not in  my right mind just yet, I am back and settled into regular life after Hawaii. It was a crazy morning- after waking up late and wobbling into work (more on that story in my vacation post!), I finally got the chance to go to Starbucks for a Passion Tea Lemonade, which I ordered every single day I was there. Stay tuned for that post (I am hoping) this weekend! Can't wait to share photos of a place so dear to my heart.
On another note, this post is a little collaboration with American Eagle Outfitters, in which I am sporting a different way to wear Joggers! It isn't nearly close enough to being cool here in the west coast, so this complete ensemble can probably wait just a bit longer to be re-worn. If taken apart, you can definitely wear the joggers and tank with a simple pair of sneakers for a great day lounging around, tying the denim button-up around your waist just in case it gets cooler, or throw on this amazing two-tone jacket over a great little LBD and booties to take on the night. Either way, I promise you'll look your very best!
Instagram me @esmirnatapia for some sweet nostalgic photos from my vacation. I don't know when I'll stop posting about it, but I can bet you it's not anytime soon! 

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