Monday, August 11, 2014


Monday, August 11, 2014

Photos by Alex Salcedo
HAT | Forever 21 (old)
TOP | Kendall & Kylie for PacSun
SHORTS | Hollister Co.
BOOTS | *Courtesy of Two Lips
EAR CUFF | H&M (old)

The weekend was spent in Calexico again, with little to do, yet full of relaxation. It is currently around 105 degrees outside, and I am about to head back to San Diego. These past three months have been a test of my patience, since I have returned back to living at my parents. It seems like I have less time for anything, and sometimes I hardly talk to Alex for more than an hour on a daily basis. Luckily, my job can get a bit interesting everyday, and the people that surround me are usually exceptionally funny. There will be a break from this monotony that is my life in two weeks because I will be in Hawaii for 10 days, and I am desperately counting down the days. For now, I bring you this boho-chic outfit that will surely be imitated throughout this vacation. Pair anything fringe-y with the perfect hat and you're ready to set the high seas on your private yacht. Don't own a private yacht? Then join me on Instagram (@esmirnatapia) so that you know what you're missing, as I report from Kaneohe Bay's famous sandbars. That will surely make you envious. 
(Just kidding. I don't own a yacht. Wish I did. But I will be trying to get any signal I get deep in the ocean to bring you some of the most scenic photographs you've ever seen. And not because I am a pro, but because everywhere you turn, everything is photograph-worthy.) How perfect does that sound?

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