Sunday, February 16, 2014


 I'm sorry I've been lacking on the posts lately, but it's been a hectic past week! I leave for MAGIC tomorrow (TOO EXCITED!), and I just wanted to post a quick look from last week featuring Brandy Melville and this gorgeous (but weirdly fitting) Topshop skirt! Speaking of Topshop, did you guys catch their show a few hours ago from London Fashion Week?! It was seriously to die for! Not to mention that Kendall Jenner totally sat next to Anna Wintour (uber jealous!). If you missed it, you can look up sites where they will replay it, so don't fret! 
Anywho, I need to start/finish packing for a week full of awesomeness (yes, it's THAT amazing!), so take all of these hugs & kisses from me (XOXOXOXOXO), and I'll do my best to post next week (with sadly no guarantees)! 

Top | Brandy Melville
Skirt/ Falda | Topshop
Boots/ Botas | Forever 21