Saturday, January 18, 2014


Saturday, January 18, 2014
 There have been many events in my life in which I (especially as a rebellious teenager) never thought about what my actions could do to those around me. I wanted to do everything before it was really my time to do things; as if I just wanted to grow up without really enjoying the moment. Looking back, I regret some of those instances, but I can honestly say they have shaped me into who I am today. I always knew I was destined to be something greater than anything I believed in, and you know what? I'm finally starting to believe that. 

Cuando era una adolescente, siempre hice cosas sin pensar en las consecuencias que podrían traer mis acciones. Siempre quise hacer todo sin que fuera el momento apropiado sin parar para en serio disfrutar esos años. Viendo hacia atrás, me arrepiento de unas de esas veces, pero al final se que aprendí de mis errores porque me han hecho la persona que soy ahora. Siempre supe que un día seria algo mas grande de cualquier cosa que jamas hubiera imaginado, y saben que? Finalmente creo que estoy creyendo eso. 

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Lesly S. said...

Te queda fantastico ese vestido! Saludos!

Unknown said...


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