Tuesday, October 08, 2013


Tuesday, October 08, 2013
 The first time I touched down in New York City, I knew I was made to live there. Something about the rush of the people on the streets was very thrilling to me; there was so much action taking place everywhere I looked. The air was freezing, but I didn't care. I wanted to not sleep and just walk around Manhattan all night. Being one of the fashion capitals that it is, I saw guys and girls I knew I could totally relate to. The weather apparently couldn't really stop them from wearing what they wanted- skirts and shorts included (just add tons of layering).  I knew I could stay in the city forever, but I can only dream until the next time I smell the NYC air. 

La primera vez que llegue a Nueva York, sabia que tenia que un día vivir ahí. Me encanto absolutamente todo, de la gente a mis alrededores, y el movimiento de la ciudad. Estaba helado afuera, pero ni me importo. Yo nomas quería caminar por Manhattan toda la noche. Siendo una de las ciudades mas populares por su moda, mire a muchachas con las que me podía relacionar. A ellas no les importa el clima- eso no les impedía ponerse shorts y faldas (claro, con chaquetas y suéteres!). Sabia que podía quedarme en la ciudad para siempre, pero por ahorita nomas sueño con la próxima vez que pueda mirar a NYC una vez mas. 

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Thanks Mandy, just followed back :)

miss centsable said...

wow!very vintage! especially the shades. Not to mentioon those amazing shoes!
if you dont mind, i have a blog as well and i'd really appreciate it if you can leave some feedback and follow it if you like. I'd definitely follow back. Pinky Promise!
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