Thursday, June 30, 2011

Victoria Beckham Launches "Affordable" Dress Line

Thursday, June 30, 2011
Not only does the amazingly gorgeous Victoria expect a baby girl next month, is married to one of the hottest men in the entire world, and is the ultimate fashion icon (even at 8months pregnant!), but she has branched out and created a new dress line based off of the "Emily the Strange" teen character, and is described by the Beckham as 'girly'.
Victoria by Victoria Beckham will launch in stores next Spring 2012 & is targeted at those "girls" who want to look fabulous without having you break your piggy bank.

She told WWD: 'The perfect little summer dress, something that was fun, something that was girly, something that was easy to wear, something that would take you from day through the night.
'I’m opening these designs to women and girls of all different shapes and sizes, people who maybe want something less tight and clingy and structured.

'It also makes it more comfortable for during the day. You can wear them
with a pair of flats or a pair of heels and they look great.'

  (above: Victoria Beckham)


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UnderGuru said...

To be honest,i'm very happy of this new line designed by Vichy,i've always considered her style a little bit too structured and not so wereable,i love in particoular the first one,the color is amazing!

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